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This web site offers following forms of interaction to you the visitor. 
  1. E-Community activities such as e-mail, message forums.
  2. Links to external sites that are useful to the visitor.
  3. News and announcements from the Sri Lankan community.
  4. Classified advertisements.
  5. Video/Audio and news feeds from external sources.
Visitors are encouraged to sign-up for e-mail under domain. This is a full featured e-mail service provided by You the user shall always abide by the 'terms of use' of the third party e-mail provider A link to their 'Terms of Use' is found in the e-mail reader page. In addition, reserves the right to remove e-mail accounts of users that practice the following: 
  • Mass transmission of unsolicited e-mail.
  • Transmission of e-mails to individuals, entities, or discussion forums containing profanity, slander, or derogatory language toward individuals, ethnic, religious, political or cultural groups.
Discussion Forums provides discussion forums for free and fair flow of information among the community. Users are encouraged (and required) to sign-up when posting items to the forums. reserves the right to remove posts offensive to certain ethnicities, religions, governments, cultures, or ways of life.
Community News and Announcements
Community news items, events, and other announcements are submitted by members of the Sri Lankan community.  Lankatown may not be held responsible for the accuracy (or lack thereof) of such submissions.  Any opinions stated in such submissions are that of the submitter and not of the operators of this site.
Classified Advertisements provides a fee classified ad service that allows users to post their own classified advertisements. Users are encouraged (and required) to post ads that have a relavance to this site's visitors ie. the Sri Lankan community in North America. reserves the right to reject Classifieds that do not fit this criteria.
Photo Gallery
The photos that appear in the photo gallery are the property of respective owners of the photos.  As they could be subject to copyright, you are required to contact or the owner of the photos prior to reproducing them in any commercial medium.  Visitors are encouraged to submit photographs for posting in our gallery by e-mailing them to webmaster at  All photos submitted must be your own or must by submitted with the owner's permission. reserves the right to post or withhold posting submitted photos.
You may use photos in our gallery for non-commercial projects provided that you indicate their source as
Poetry provides a page for aspiring poets to showcase their work.  You are welcome to submit works of poetry for posting in our website.  While we do not guarantee posting all items submitted, we will publish them as appropriate. reserves the right to post or withhold posting any poem submitted.
Links to External Sites
Visitors are welcome to submit links that are deemed beneficial to the larger Sri Lankan immigrant community of North America. Such links may point to both non-profit and for-profit services or web sites. Please refrain from submitting links to sites that contain the following: 
  • Adult oriented or pornographic content.
  • Content that may be offensive to certain ethnicities, religions, governments, cultures, or ways of life. reserves the right to post or withhold posting any link submitted.
Content From External Sources
We provide content from external sources such as news feeds, and video feeds to enrich your browsing experience.  Please refer to the terms of use of each of these sources when using or reproducing such content.


The content within this site is provided as is without any warranties expressed or implied as to the accuracy, timeliness or usefulness to the reader. is not responsible for any losses, physical or mental harm caused by the use of contents provided herein.

View, read, and use at your own risk!
Please note that inclusion (or omission) of any links to external sites do not constitute an endorsement or disapproval on the part of of those sites.
The views expressed by contributors (readers who send links, articles, news, announcements etc.) are their own and are not that of
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