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Araliyas Entertainment Inc. Map and directions
It is the goal of Araliyas Entertainment to creatively invent positive and entertaining people, & reach out to locals who are born with hidden talents in various entertaining areas &
Expose them to real artistic world.
910 S. Sunset Ave. Suite #7, West Covina, CA 91790
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Chronology of Sinhala Cinema
Interesting information on the history of the Sinhala cinema.
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National Film Corporation
Provides details of Film history, coming soon and now showing film database.
303, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7,
Sri Lanka
+94 -112584623, +94 -112588773, +94 -112585526
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Sinhala DVDs
One Stop Shopping For all Sinhala DVD, VCD & Audio CDs to buy On-line.
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Sinhala Teledrama and movies Online watch now
Sinhala Teledrama Online watch now. ... New Videos.Sinhala Movie Channel,srishell Offcial site with sinhala films and teledramas .
Paris, FR 92400
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Tamil Movies
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Torana Movies
Mail order movies, music, and tele-dramas from Sri Lanka.
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Chords & Lyrics of Sinhala Songs
These chords are meant for keyboard accompaniments. They may not be perfect but are good enough for creative players.
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CyberSawana - Sinhala Instrumental Music Home
CyberSawana - is a home for FREE Sinhala Instrumental Music. At this site, now you can listen to more than 25hrs of Instrumental Music from SAWANA-1, SAWANA-2 & SAWANA-3 MP3 Albums. Unique site to listen/ download 300+ tracks of Instrumental Music absolutely FREE. Original CD quality Sinhala Music mp3 tracks added regularly to this site!
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Description of Sri Lankan music from Wikipedia
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Sri Lankan music videos and on-line community.
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Free Sinhala Video Songs Juke box by Artists Map and directions
Getting tired on you-tube searching songs?

Don’t remember the singer’s name?

Here we are offering simple solution for you. In our website, you can find virtually any Sinhala, English and Hindi song by artist. And believe me there are a lot !
103, saskatoon, SK s7n1l6
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Sri Lanka's first & Only legal music store on the internet.
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Lanka song book
Lyrics of Sinhala songs.
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Mahen's Music Flash
Listen to Sinhala songs online.
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You can find Sinhala songs from Sri Lankan Folk Songs and Classics to the Latest Sinhala POP / R &B tracks with their Lyrics & Video.
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Miyuru Gee
Listen to popular Sinhala songs online.
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Music Videos
Sinhala Music Videos, Online Watch, Download Free,New songs, Free download,
Sinhala songs, music albums, Online watch videos ,Sinhala Music ,Sinhala videos,
Sinhala song download
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This site contains the information and songs of late Rukmani Devi the first actress and singer in Sinhalese Cinema.
184/9,c,kappittawatta,wellampitiya, Colombo, WE 0051
Sri Lanka
0094 112572455
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Sri Lankan music full-length streaming and download. SAATunes is a Platform for South Asian Artists.
Colombo, WP 00100
Sri Lanka
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Sinhala Jukebox
At Sinhala Jukebox you can listen to samples of thousands of Sri Lankan Music Tracks encoded in RealAudio format. This is a free service provided to promote Sri Lankan Artists and their Music through the cyberspace.
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Sinhala Songs
Real Audio Sinhala Songs, Lyrics & Music Sheets
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Sinhala Songs
Sinhala songs, chords, and lyrics.
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Sinhala Songs
Download sinhala songs
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Sri Lankan sinhala movie Channel - sinhalamovietube
Currently showing movies in Sri Lanka, The latest information on up coming movies and cinema hall schedules for the currently displaying movies, Sri Lankan most sensitive, comprehensive collection of actress, models, dancers, singers, celebrities, films, movies, cinema information. News zooming in on Sri Lanka, The main responsibilities of the measures to develop the Sri Lankan cinema.
Kelaniya, 11630
Sri Lanka
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Sri Lankan Tube
A place to share Sri Lankan videos.
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Srilankan old hits and more
we must need remember and be proud that we are born with our own identity and talents that marks our own land. Most of them have passed away but the souls of their Talents remain in our hearts....our childhood memories will always be remembered ...thats what i expected for.
Paris, FR 92400
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Srilankan old hits and more
We are happy to make this for you, We try to ad old hits in our sinhala Artists. We need to keep the memory alive of our extraordinary sinhala artists and there creations. many websites we can found,But can be selected Only the few, other are being remixed or tamil.Hindi.English or Others Mixed. In here you can find out Only sinhala popular hits.also of sinhala Artists Details...This is only be a some we knew many we have.also we ad to popular songs..finally for the little advised will be a best quality of sounds. you need to the adjust sound control bar found below every of the frame of the video or audio box and please do not try to adjust your Main PC sound control be a first..Thanks

Your Comments Be Expected

Paris, FR 92400
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TakTikBook - Movies
Tak Tik Book is an online entertainment portal tied up with leading theatres across Sri Lanka to provide users the convenience of online ticket booking almost anywhere.
27/8, WIjerama lane, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, 10250
Sri Lanka
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urumayalk Map and directions
Sri lankan folk music
123/3 kannangara road, Colombo 7., Colombo, CO 10266
Sri Lanka
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