Dear Dhamma Friends,
Oklahoma Buddhist Vihara in cooperation with Kansas Meditation Center is fundraising for Karuna KIDS, an educational support and scholarship charity founded by Rev. Piyaratana Hingulwala, Ph.D.
Karuna KIDS (Kids Individual Development Society) began in 2004 with a donation of school supplies to 10 elementary school children. The charity has provided support to the education of children throughout Southeast Asia in countries such as Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
Last year we were successful in providing supplies for 100 students at a needy rural school in Sri Lanka. Thank you for your contributions to the education of the world’s children.
This year Karuna KIDS will be providing school supplies to a rural, provincial school, Wewala Parackrama J.S., in Bokkawala, Central, Kandy. This year, the school will serve 187 students and 75 Sunday School students. Wewala Parackrama J.S. is in need of many basic supplies such as writing paper, pens, pencils, and art supplies.
We would like to raise $1500 for the purchase of these supplies in Sri Lanka. Additionally, we would like to bring 30 red pens and 30 blue pens for the teachers and 250 mechanical pencils for the entire student body.
Bhante Piyaratana will be going to Sri Lanka at the beginning of January. We would like to have the funds raised by January 3, 2017.
May your generosity be cause for your long-term wellbeing and happiness. May you always find peace in remembering your own good deeds.
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Last updated: Saturday, December 31, 2016
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