Wesak Thilina from Karuna Trust
Mr. Wimalasena Original Hut
Mr. Gamini Wimalasena is a disable person with two children living in Warekkewa. Warekkewa is an unprotected village in Medawachchiya Divisional Secretariat Division. To reach this poor man's house we had to drive about 10 km from Medawachchiya, on A9 route and then about another 5km on a gravel road. They survive from the little money earned by Mrs. Wimalasiri from day to day labor work.
They were living in a very small hut where the roof was covered with hay and in the rainy season they had to suffer a lot. We wrote about this family to few of our well-wishers abroad.  One Sri Lankan family in New Zeeland donated Rs.100,000.00 (US$.945.00) which was reserved for their daughters birthday party, to build a house for this family.
We build a house 30'x16' for this family with a cost of Rs.162,256.00 (US$ 1530.00) Karuna Trust contributed the balance money. We could not do the plastering but we cement the floor with the money we had. We have to do the plastering and build the sanitary facilities. We handover this house to this poor family on the last Wesak Poya day.
The donor family in New Zeeland, has shown a very good example by donating the money that they have kept for their daughters birthday party, to build a home for a homeless family. The happiness that this poor family got by getting a house, will definitely bring happiness, good health and prosperity to the child in New Zeeland.
May this meritorious activity be an example for all.
New house Family and the new house
Inside the new house 30'x16' house
Karuna Trust
Last updated: Saturday, May 31, 2008
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