10th Annual Sri Lankan Catholic Community Day 2008
Sri Lanakn Catholic Community in New York/New Jersey celebrated their 10th Annual Sri Lankan Catholic Community day and devotion to our Blessed Mother on the 25th of May 2008 at the Blue Army Shrine in Washington, New Jersey, USA.  On this beautiful Sunday a large gathering of around 1000 Sri Lankan devotees gathered to celebrate in grand scale. Chief celebrant for this occasion was Fr. Neville Joe Perera, Coordinatore Nazionale (C.E.I.), Rome, Italy together with the Sri Lanka Catholic Choir.
Devotees had a unique opportunity to renew their faith to the Blessed Mother in the traditional Sri Lankan festive atmosphere singing and praising the Blessed Mother.  Devotees participated in a procession with the statute, culminating with the blessing from the sacred statute.
Highlights of the day was the 20 foot flag tree and beautiful floral décor at the alter and procession route. Mass was celebrated by Rev. Frs. George Perera, Darrel Coonghe, Julian Patrick Perera, Gerald Blom, Edward Tissera.
Celebrations at the Shrine ended with special prayers for peace for our motherland and the national anthem.
Here are some images of the celebration.
Photography - Asoka Ranasinghe (videoproducer.asoka at gmail.com)
Statue Procession
Devotees Devotees
Flag Pole Procession
Rev. Fr. Chandraleka
Musicians Rev.Fr.
Rev.Fr. Children
Devotees Choir
Choir Choir
Procession Procession
Last updated: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
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