Vesak Celebrations at the Georgia Buddhist Vihara
Sri Lankan buddhist community in and around Atlanta, Georgia, participated in the annual Vesak celebration at the Georgia Buddhist Vihara on a day full of religious observances and traditional festivities.  Devotees took part in observing the Eight Precepts, offering Dhana, and participating in Dhamma discussions. Children joined in by making lanterns, singing devotional songs, and delivering dhamma talks.
Chief priest Ven. Vajirabuddhi welcomed several Cambodian monks who joined in to celebrate the joyous occasion.
Here are some images of the day's proceedings:
Dhamma discussion Dhamma discussion
Dhana offering Dhana
Dhana Dhana
Finishing up the decorations Audience
Lighting the oil lamp Speech
Performers Audience
Bhakti Gee Performers
Lanterns For more photos of the event, visit
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Last updated: Sunday, May 17, 2009
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