Karuna Trust hands over school building
Many rural schools in Sri Lanka do not have even the basic facilities. Because of this the poor parents in these rural villages compelled to send their children to the schools in the cities with great difficulties. Ultimately these rural schools get abandoned and close down due to lack of children. Also most of these poor rural children who attend the city schools dropout halfway because their parents cannot afford to send them to the city schools.
Halugama is a poor village about 50 km away from Colombo. The villagers in this village are traditional basket makers from bamboo trees. This village and the villagers have been cornered from the rest of the society due to their social status.
The school in this village was about to closedown, four years ago as there were only two students. By this time the principle who was there got his retirement and a new principal came to the school. With his hard work, within four years he has managed to increase the number of children to 216. By this time the principal found that he could not get new admissions for the year 2009 as there is no room for the new comers. So he has written to the Department of Education and also gone behind the politicians to get two more classrooms as there were 64 new application for the year 2009. But his effort was a failure. Thereafter he has made several requests from some reputed charity organizations and that has been also a failure.
At this situation he has come to know about Karuna Trust and he made a humble request from us to build two classrooms. So we had a visit to the school three months ago and saw the requirement and then and there we decided to build two classrooms. By the time Venerable Bikku Bodhi has sent US$500.00 and Mrs.Nancy Fitzgerald has sent $1000.00 for educational purposes. So we decided to utilize this money for this purpose. The estimated cost for the building was $8500.00 and M/s. Karunaratne & Sons donated the balance. Within three months we completed the building and handed it over on 14th March 2009 to the children of the nation.
We managed to build this so quickly because of the enormous support that we got from the teachers and the parents of the school.
Laying the foundation stone Opening ceremony
Dedication Ribbon cutting
Lighting the oil lamp New occupants of the classrooms
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Last updated: Sunday, March 15, 2009
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