Sri Lankans rally in Washington D.C. in support of government efforts
A large number of Sri Lankans representing the three major ethnic groups of Sri Lanka gathered in Washington D.C. on Friday the 20th of February in support of Sri Lankan government's efforts at eliminating terrorism.  The hastily arranged rally took place at the Ellipse in front of The White House to counter the false and malicious propaganda of the pro-LTTE diaspora put on display at a massive rally in the same vicinity.
The Sri Lankan supporters in their demonstration appealed to the American government to take action in Sri Lanka’s quest for peace.
Here are some images of the event (pix by Susantha Halamba)
D.C. Rally Feb. 20, 2009 D.C. Rally Feb. 20, 2009
D.C. Rally Feb. 20, 2009 D.C. Rally Feb. 20, 2009
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Last updated: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Visitor Comments
  • Ip Country  Susantha , Dallas, TX   2/22/2009 8:34:45 PM  
    • I was there...

      Yes indeed, it was amazing that at such short notice, this many Sri Lankans from all ethnic groups could get together (we are not the best at doing thing collectively!) and rally for Sri Lanka. We were at the Ellipse to counter-protest the rally by the pro-Eelam Tamil groups at the other end, opposite the White House.

      While we of the Counter-rally probably numbered 400 max as opposed to the pro-Eelam main rally which was ~3500 (reported on TamilNet as 7000), mostly brought by busloads into Washington DC from Canada, and also included many South Indian Tamils from the USA as well, to swell the numbers.

      It was cold and blustery, but brightly sunny, and our anti-LTTE group shouted ourselves hoarse as we paraded around the area we were 'penned' into. Slogans like "DEMOCRACY -YES! YES!; TERRORISM -NO! NO!" were our main chant. Our side had some really good banners too, the most prominent one being TERRORISM ANYWHERE IS TERRORISM", and placards with "Free the Civilians", "Tamils are our Brothers and Sisters", etc. Sri Lankan flags were flying brightly high alongside US flags, and looked so colourful on the green as the marchers went parading.

      Across the Ellipse, on the other side of the green, the pro-Eelamists flew the US and Canadian flags, but also brazenly hoisted LTTE flags several times, flouting US law since the LTTE is a proscribed organization here. The Metropolitan Police were helpless on our bringing it to their notice, and could only report it to the FBI.

      It was a great pro-Sri Lanka Government rally.
      While the Pro-Eelamists had the numbers, WE HAD THE MESSAGE!!
  • Ip Country  your brothers and sisters , Canada   2/23/2009 12:17:48 PM  
    • I think you should change the title of this article as "Sri Lankans rally in Washington D.C. in support of government effort to kill all the tamils".You didn't have enough people o support the rally that's why some of you tried to stand in front of pro-Eelamists with your Sri lankan flags to take pictures.
  • Ip Country  Susantha , Dallas, TX   2/23/2009 1:54:47 PM  
    • I am sad to read your comments and also to understand that how blind you are and your Elam brothers and sisters. We do not kill our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka. Your own Tigers are the one who kill them at present. We are helping them to live in peace among us. I feel sorry for all of you brainwashed Canadian Tamils, spent hell of a money to come to DC from Canada, food and banners and also pay underhand money to hire Dr Ellyn as a speaker. During this rally it was not a good news for your Eelam brothers and sisters to hear that your last two "Kurummbetti" planes were shot down by our great worries. So, why didn't you spend all that money to send to your relatives who have crossed to govt controlled areas and now live in welfare camps. That's what you should have done? Did President Obama walk out of the White House and told you Eelam brothers and sisters that he would stop the war in Sri Lanka overnight? Ha ha... he.
      We all gathered in short notice and if we organize like how you did it, we could have brought over 20,000 Sri Lankan's to DC. We do not have a reason to do it. By the way, STOP TELLING THE WORLD ABOUT GENOCIDE happing in Sri Lanka. Matter of fact, Mr Holmes told the whole world one day after your unsuccessful rally in DC that there is no genocide happening in Sri Lanka. So, at least now come out of your dream of Eelam and help your relatives to have a better future in the North. They need your help and not LTTE.
  • Ip Country  your brothers and sisters? , Canada   2/23/2009 2:41:05 PM  
    • If you really care about tamils in Sri lanka then you should arrange that rally in Sri lanka and request the government to stop killing the innocent tamils by bombing hospitals. You don't really know what is happening in Sri Lanka because Sri lankan government is not allowing the media or representatives from UN to Vanni. You don't know what happend/what is happening to the people in government's welfare camps. If you already knew that President Obama won't walk out of the White house then why did you arrange a rally? You said you don't have a reason to bring over 20,000 people to the rally.You are right becaue the people who are suffering in Vanni are Tamils. They are not your brothers or sisters. You don't have to tell us to help our relatives. It's our duty.
  • Ip Country  Innocent tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/23/2009 2:57:51 PM  
    • (We do not kill our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka ) Riots 1915 1915 Major Sinhala-Muslim riot took place. In June, Sinhala Budhist-Muslim riots in Ceylon. Riots spread from the central province to the western and northwestern provinces. There were heavy casualities amongst the Muslims. According to available records, 146 Muslims were killed and 405 Muslims were injured and 62 Muslims women have been raped by major Sinhalese. Nearly 85 mosques were damaged and more than 4,075 Muslin-owned shops were looted by the Sinhala rioters. In 1954 , 1956, ...... Black July 83 Sri Lanka state sponsored anti-Tamil riots that left 3000 Tamils dead Tamils lynched to death by Sinhalese mobs and security forces. he Swedish-led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) said Wednesday security forces were responsible for the massacre of the 17 local employees of Action Against Hunger earlier this month. The workers were shot in the back of the head at their office in the northeastern coastal town of Muttur when troops and Tamil Tiger guerrillas were fighting pitched battles to control the region. The Sri Lankan government rejected the SLMM statement as "outrageous" and said the outgoing head of the SLMM, Ulf Henricsson, had jumped the gun before a police and forensic investigation into the slayings. 1983......continuing up to 2009 ....killing tamils bombing hospitals schools
  • Ip Country  Santhosam , New York, NY   2/23/2009 3:14:30 PM  
    • Dear Brother/Sister from Canada,

      Since you seem to be having trouble grasping reality presented by Sri Lankans, please read this short article from an independent third party.
      You may find all the answers to your questions there... pay special attention to the second para. It's a quick read. If you still don't agree, take your monologue/rant there...
  • Ip Country  Innocent tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/23/2009 3:28:15 PM  
    • "independent third party." India is the key created the war India is behind the killings right now. There is no independant third party no body can't access wanni. How does the injured people coming LTTE is not block any people to come out. The tamil people don't want to come to the srilankan controlled open prisons( not welfare camp) I was there one time in that type of camp. even though I was a full time student or any of my family member is not participated any of the armed gangs.
  • Ip Country  Your brothers and sisters , Canada   2/23/2009 4:01:14 PM  
    • Santhosam,
      I don't think an article from an Indian magazine is from independant third party.It seems like you are not following any other Indian news.
  • Ip Country  Rajapaksha , Sri Lanka Hambantota   2/23/2009 4:48:05 PM  
    • "TERRORISM ANYWHERE IS TERRORISM" h..hh...ha state terrorism. abducting people in colombo getting ransom. killing the reporters who brings out the truth. TERRORISM EVERY WHERE IS TERRORISM in Sri LANKAN government" but not Sinhala People they are real humanitarian people who save the innocent victims from the State Terrorism.
  • Ip Country  Susantha , Dallas,TX   2/23/2009 5:53:04 PM  
    • We didn't arrnge a rally, we wanted to tell the Amrican people that you crossed the boarder to mislead American general Public....

      It seems like none of you get the point or ignore the facts...LTTE days are numbers and nothing you can do unless find a way to help your displaced ralatives... This candain guy understand the truth and it seems like Pro LTTE Despora could not bribe his to write the way they want...
  • Ip Country  Gamage , Sri Lanka Matara   2/23/2009 9:32:06 PM  
      the that how you prepared but you failed to get the people.
      Who miss lead? Lankan Government by banning the news and killing the reporters. Lasantha, He is a Sinhala (your brother) Reporter. has been kiled by the government. Oh Budha save our Sinhala people from the goverment. They are killing our youths by send it to the front line with out training and even the captive soldiers are killed in the arial bombing recently. The government is doing just to keep their goverment they are destroying all our economy.
  • Ip Country  Santhosam , New York, NY   2/23/2009 10:00:00 PM  
    • Hey Mr. Innocent Tamil from Colombo... wanakkam anna,

      You may be Tamil alright but innocent eh?...If you are so innocent, what are you doing writing stuff here at 2:30am SL time?

      The problem with you lot in Canada or wherever the hell you are is your lack of sincerity. It's no different to sending explosives packed airplanes on Friday and asking for ceasefire on Monday.

      Resorting to false propaganda takes you nowhere. What you believe in is up to you. But if you want to protest civilian deaths, do it everytime a bunch of civilians get killed no matter who did it... as in the busloads that got blown to pieaces in the south or the farmers that get killed in the east by your 'sole reps'.

      Sincerity of purpose is central to any cause. Some Thamils (outside of South Sri Lanka) thought that they can achieve anything by deception. When LTTE riding high bombing the hell out of the country, you called them your 'sole representatives' and rallied for them... remember Pongu Thamil? When they are down in the dumps you cry for the civilians. Nice try.

      Just get a life people and let all Sri Lankans live in peace. You have brought us enough misery already... just let go.
  • Ip Country  Santhosam , New York, NY   2/23/2009 10:07:13 PM  
    • Also, if you want to see how Thamils can work together and thrive in Sri Lanka, go see the eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

      Oh sorry I forgot... if you do will invalidate your asylum application.
  • Ip Country  Innocent Tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/23/2009 10:53:34 PM  
    • Yha my friend was from Batticalo...
      Comment removed by admin for lack of subject relevance.
  • Ip Country  Innocent Tamil , Sri Lanka, Colombo   2/24/2009 12:56:10 AM  
    • A recent trip to Vavuniya: For the future...
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      for full article.
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  • Ip Country  Innocent Tamil , Sri Lanka, Colombo   2/24/2009 1:00:17 AM  
    • The Banning started here too. The Truce and my exprience are cut by admin
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   2/24/2009 5:34:14 AM  
    • Innocent Tamil, 20 years ago Why did not you think that future would look dark and gloomy when you were supporting LTTE? When a minority was trying to get rid of majority and devide the country, why did not you tell Prabakaran the same? Change the idea of crafting stories and animating Sri Lanka, it is just wasting time. The whole world knows wht lTTE is about and FBI got your number. At least understand that LTTE does not function as they advertised. They are not for innocent tamils! They are using innocent tamils as pawns!
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   2/24/2009 7:19:50 AM  
    • Innocent Tamil, I read about your voyage to Vavuniya, aren't you thankful for the government and forces at least you were able to make your journey to your destination by train. What if you were to go a see one of your relatives who is a hostage in LTTE's side today, can you go there today??? Keep writing more, so intellects can catch your misjudgments, disappointment and haterage between your own lines. The LTTE’s separate state is far from over, but we start a fresh from a whole new baseline, let every child and every citizen know that from this day forward everything really is possible in North East. It can better benefit innocent Tamils who did not use them selves fled to western world for political asylum by suing them selves. Hope for United Sri Lanka is not illogical !destination by train. What if you were to go an see one of your relatives who is a hostage in LTTE's side, can you go there today??? Write more so interlects can catch your misjudgements between lines. Hope for United Sri Lanka is not illogical, give up
  • Ip Country  Shani , VA, USA   2/24/2009 10:26:14 AM  
    • Innocent Tamil, If you are writing a legend of one sided story to get sympathy here I have another one, perhaps an eye opener for the international community! When I WENT TO THE SABARAGAMUWA UNIVERSITY CONVOCATION LAST MONTH. THEY HAVE A MILITARY ACADEMY WHICH AWARDS DEGREES FOR OFFICERS WHO STUDY IN DIYATALAWA, ALL LEIUTINENTS AND SECOND LIEUTINANTS OF THE ARMY. All young /handsome men in uniform. It was such a touching/emotional moment and i could not prevent tears rolling down as 13 injured officers came on stage to receive their degrees.... One in a wheel chair pushed by a colleague, another in crutches helped by a colleague. ....they all held their heads high. The ones who could walk, marched to the chancellor with so much pride....whole audience gave them a well deserved round of applause. I could not help thinking that these young officers may loose their lives and it is all because of the brutal war situation in SL....How would their parents feel.... These were the soldier are taking food for their own enemies your own people in north, protecting their own family members, trying to save your guys from Prabakaran. Our soldiers not hiding and fighting. They are fighting a civilized war! We don't have any mental retarded idiots to be Suicide Bombers either. It may be hard for you to understand the fact. Try to live among other nations like others does in a civilized manner!
  • Ip Country  Gamunu , MD, USA   2/24/2009 1:05:25 PM  
    • Replying to "your brothers and sisters canada" Our GOSL spirit and Three Forces are stronger and cannot be broken by terrorists. You can argue pages and pages on the web. Truth has revealed, you are using innocent Tamils for your own gain.We will defeat you Terrorists who kill your own ethnicity!
  • Ip Country  Innocent tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/24/2009 1:31:14 PM  
    • Shani Did you mean civilized is that mean "Riots 1915 1915 Major Sinhala-Muslim riot took place. In June, Sinhala Budhist-Muslim riots in Ceylon. Riots spread from the central province to the western and northwestern provinces. There were heavy casualities amongst the Muslims. According to available records, 146 Muslims were killed and 405 Muslims were injured and 62 Muslims women have been raped by major Sinhalese. Nearly 85 mosques were damaged and more than 4,075 Muslin-owned shops were looted by the Sinhala rioters. In 1954 , 1956, ...... Black July 83 Sri Lanka state sponsored anti-Tamil riots that left 3000 Tamils dead Tamils lynched to death by Sinhalese mobs and security forces. he Swedish-led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) said Wednesday security forces were responsible for the massacre of the 17 local employees of Action Against Hunger earlier this month. The workers were shot in the back of the head at their office in the northeastern coastal town of Muttur when troops and Tamil Tiger guerrillas were fighting pitched battles to control the region. The Sri Lankan government rejected the SLMM statement as "outrageous" and said the outgoing head of the SLMM, Ulf Henricsson, had jumped the gun before a police and forensic investigation into the slayings. 1983......continuing up to 2009 ....killing tamils bombing hospitals schools"
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD USA   2/24/2009 2:23:47 PM  
    • Replying Innocent Tamil on 2/24/09 See the cause for your lies and question. Your answers to my question only shows how shallow minded you are, as not to answer the questions I had. Just chanting the lies will not take you anywhere. Knowing where you are coming from we can understand the ulterior motives behind this. For all your questions the answer is this question -Who started "thesavalam" in North? Who started killing innocent Sri Lanakns (Muslims,Tamils, Sinhalese) and started barbaric killing in North and destroying temples and Mosques in North. Please don't blame GOSL did this. Now you will have the answers to your question. If you need to address these issues with equanimity, please bring about killing of Rajiv Gandi and Kadiragama. You guys are trying to turn the western world with the word "genocide", please open the dictionary to understand the real meaning of the word. You can tell Hitler was genocide, but in his side there was not a Jewish person. But GOSL cabinet we had Tamils till your LTTE killed them! You can't hide the TRUTH, may be It may be hard to accept the TRUTH, but wait till you learn a lesson from your own innocent Tamils in NORTH who had been used for your own gain. Canadian LTTE supporters sent money to kill your own people, I am sure money was not gone to GOSL to kill money.
  • Ip Country  Refugee  , D.C   2/24/2009 9:32:59 PM  
    • It's interesting to see the voices of Tamil LTTE sympathizers living abroad suddenly realize that they have brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka that they need to protect. Perhaps we can work to get them out of Sri Lanka and into Canada or European union so they can enjoy the same refugee status that all the concerned, patriotic Tamils seem to enjoy in the western world. Hey, maybe child soilders can get the same education that the western Tamil refugees seem to enjoy. But we should hurry because once the LTTE is whipped out in a matter of weeks and the world realizes that there is no need to grant refugee status, they may have to pack up those Genecide banners and LTTE flags and head back home to Sri Lanka and enjoy the infrastructure and progress that LTTE has created for the Tamil people over the past few decades.
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/25/2009 1:50:55 PM  
    • In Replying to Innocent Tamils Canada, I think it is time to remove your mask fellow Sri Lankan. We don't hate your, we are tolarant enough to evaluate your illogical comments.
      First of all I need to let you know that, you are good in “cutting and pasting” the same abstract overall, but be careful when you steal someone’s intellectual property over the web, it only shows that you only have this paragraph to be cut and pasted everywhere you go. I feel really sorry to see that you are paid or threaten to do such an act on the web by bold face liars. Anyway, this is the whole mentality of LTTE, unfortunately I have to lower my self to your level to answer these and I sorry for that but I will do that as you are a fellow Sri Lankan.
      You have brought some irrelevant event to today’s issue in Sri Lanka. For me it is like comparing oranges to apples, to better simplify; no matter whether you are a Muslim or a Tamil I am sure you agree that you can’t compare a PIG to a COW. 1915 riots do not have any relevance to today’s issue. Anyway, if u want to bring 1915, remember this was when Ceylon was under British Colonization, so please bring to it British attention and not to us. Even in 1915, so many Sinhala leaders had to protect then selves form Tamils. Who should be responsible for all these riots? If you get the whole world, there were riots in among any race and any religion, please tell me a country that there was not a riot in its history. At least Sri Lanka is proud, as there was not a religious riot in Ceylon during 1915. Today Hinduism and Muslim thrive in Sri Lanka. In 1915, or Dutugamunu Elara days they had civilized riots or wars which fought face to face. Not like LTTE, who are bunch of liars having the only dream of a LTTE homogeneous community to wipe off Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim nationalities from Sri Lanka. LTTE is a FBI banned terrorist group that never followed the rules of a war. LTTE are full of psychopaths and mentally sick people who are using illegal clandestine tactics to get rid of a majority human civilization with an economic dire. Recent past, not in 1915, they attacked the most areas in Colombo, why they bomb schools, railway station in Colombo then? They pay people and even pay people to lead your demos in front of white house. LTTE play hide and seek, even a child with a brain development level of a 5 year old does not like to play that game anymore. So it shows what type of charisma and mentality level LTTE and LTTE supporters are having today. LTTE use innocent people to be suicide bombers after pumping drugs in to their blood stream. They cultivate to hate mainstream of a country in an innocent Child’s life. They are manufacturing child soldiers; those children have no say as their families are at threat if they don’t listen to LTTE. Look at your Hippocratic leader, Why Prabakran does not eat his cyanide capsules today???
      If you still cry about 1915, think, there were frequent fighting among various ethnic groups occurred in major cities, specifically in the northeast and Midwest United States throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But learn from these developed countries they are not inherting revenge for centureis and hop on those and making excuses to genocide the majority. They had built their countires without any differences. Apply basic principles to life, learn to tolerate and live among people who are doing better than you without trying to kill them. Sinhalese are the most tolarant nation from 17th centrty to today!
      Today we are helping your pawns in north of the Island. Our Soldiers pray a price for this!
  • Ip Country  Susantha , Dallas, TX   2/25/2009 7:38:51 PM  
    • Brigadier Shavendra Silva made an comment two days ago and its good for all these innocent Tamils, brothers and sisters from Canada and other LTTE supporters, sympathizers and NGOs. What he said was;
      "If there were no people in the war zone, this war would have been finished in one day"
      So if you have a little bit of brain at least, you should be able to understand that:
      1. The SLDF are not killing civilians.
      2.The reason for delay in capturing the rest of the land from LTTE is because of the LTTE heroes (according to their supporters) are hiding behind civilians. If you all worry that much about them, pressure them to surrender to the Govt. They do not have anywhere to go because our boys have trapped them in three directions. Then you do not have to cry and run in front of white house or EU head quarters for help and civilians will not get killed.
  • Ip Country  Kumar , London   2/25/2009 8:19:03 PM  
    • to check if my name is coming up by any chance
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   2/25/2009 9:06:40 PM  
    • It is such a shame that some people have commented that they should save the tamils from the LTTE..when is 1986 where did these such caring sinhales ppl were...were u all hibernating hint hint killing and raping tamil and muslim women...and now it is to surprise we tamils have become your sisters and brothers...make up your mind...oh so who is resposible for the abduction of tamil people in colombo...i didnt know this is how you show your caring which is kind of not normal...and i dont understand how loads of tamil ppl who were in colombo were forcefully put in a bus and sent back to jaffna *government said security all this is the love and care of the loving sinhalese brothers and sisters...some one just mentioned that ltte is rercuting child soldier i think u have been totally blackout by the government recruting the same which was given in the UN report...LTTE is terrorist then Government ? will leave it to the readers to figure it out...oh shani when the LTTE tries to get rid of the corrupted politicans innocent ppl are killed i am not saying it is not happening and it is called a suicide attack but when the government forces bomb safe zones (knock knock) trying to kill terrorist but only innocent ppl die u need to get ur arse from ur ass and face reality...oh so why is a genocide case being prepared in the US if there is no genocide in SL as few of the sinhalese have why dont you sinhalese brothers and sisters urge ur president (Thug) to let the international community monitor the situation and the media to get full access also which you wouldnt probably do cos it will bring all you thugs to light eh???do u sinhalese ppl read or watch any other news except from the sri lanka government once like the indian once and british canadian or other media oh i didnt realise while writing they are supporting tamils...shani are u in you own fantasy world, army taking food for tamils was it meant to be kind of a joke or did you actually meant it i think u need to update ur facts b4 u write something like that...sinhalese ppl most tolerant ppl must be u are in US and sinhalese and tamil ppl are minority so u must be tolerant cos u have got no other choice...but if u were in Sri Lanka my a** you would be tolerant u would be like another thug more or less than like the thug who rules Sri for once u sinhalese ppl get your heads from your a*** and try to face reality dont be blinded by you thug so called the president...
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD USA   2/26/2009 10:00:26 AM  
    • To Tamilan London Face the truth, you can CON UK. Where were you when Ceylon fought the battle to get freedom. UK gave freedom to Sri Lanka not to LTTE ! Even your birth country India does not want you. You can CON everyone, but not United Sri Lanka and GOSL! WE ARE GOING TO REPOWER SRI LANKA!!!!! Why didn't you cry for your Tamil brothers and sisters for past 30 yrs in front of White House. You are now crying to save Prabakaran, so you can have a war going on to live on welfare! Why you only now bring the term Genocide now. Why didn't you get those innocent Tamils to Canada and UK to live a luxury life that you dream of. Why only you want to benefit it? You are using those innocent people for your own gain. You are just trying redirect the wind for your benefit! Hey inherit the WIND from United Sri Lanka! Now you are asking journalist and International community to go to north, why are they going to carry food and medicine? No you want a way to save Prabakaran. If you love your brothers and sisters why you force them you pay LTTE. Accept this, as of now your bothers and sisters are living on GOSL's supported camps today. Prabakaran threat people not to leave them. The Celine bottles those give life to your bothers and sisters has GOSL label. It does not have LTTE , EU labels. Matter of a fact, I have interviewed some women in the camps and I am sure they have not been raped, they have not had sex for yrs as Prabakaran has used their husbands, fathers, brothers as a gay regime and brain washed them to be his pawns. Why don't you talk about freedom of these women! Why didn't you tell Prabakaran to release these men to go home and make love! Just give up! There is always two side to the story but only TRUTH prevail! WE WILL REPOWER United Sri Lanka!
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/26/2009 10:40:45 AM  
    • Hey I am a both Sinhala and Tamil decedent; matter of fact LTTE killed one good friend of ours "Yogeswaren". Our thugs did not kill them. Thugs did not kill Rajiv Gandhi! When I was a kid I had traveled to Jaffna many times. Sinhalese and Tamils lived peacefully before LTTE came. Thugs did not kill them , LTTE killed them! Tamilan in London, practice before you preach. You know who is bringing food to North! May be for you, it may be psychologically denying the fact that your hard earned money was used for bombs, submarines and powerful aircraft and not for food and Celine for your brothers and sisters in North! You know the facts, just trying to craft a story will only make you a another LTTE who is against your own people!
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   2/26/2009 4:16:44 PM  
    • This is what means "HELP INDEED"! LTTE supporters who were wearing masks to write on this site should salute France for them initiating in helping your brothers and sisters with GOSL. Please see
  • Ip Country  Inoocent Tamil , Sri Lanka, Colombo   2/27/2009 2:05:13 AM  
    • Who Brutally killed my friend "Lasanatha"
  • Ip Country  Inoocent Tamil , Sri Lanka, Colombo   2/27/2009 2:10:05 AM  
    • Who had beaten the Rajiv Gandhi while watching the parade? GOSL is in the back of killing the Rajiv they have hired a tamil to do that. Like what is Karuna group going
  • Ip Country  Inoocent Tamil , Sri Lanka, Colombo   2/27/2009 2:17:34 AM  
    • Shani
      The ultimate truth is that you guys want the tamils to be chased from their homeland by killing us or telling the foreign tamils to take us to their country.
      Can you tell the detail of that whom you have interviewed at the the open prison sorry welfare camp? Because I'm trying to speak to my relatives who are in that prison no no welfare camp. Can you help me?
  • Ip Country  Shani  , MD, USA   2/27/2009 8:51:50 AM  
    • Hi Masked "Innocent Tamil" Why you are crying are over Lasantha’s death now, your former replies were against Sinhalese saying that they are genocide of Tamil. Why aren't you happy another Sri Lankan got killed cos I am sure that Lasantha was not Tamil. Man this is 20th century, you just dream and speculate things, which court justify that Government killed Lasantha? Perhaps, it must be LTTE did that to create a friction. Or all greedy NGO’s need political asylum in the western world as they know once Prabakaran is gone they don’t have a paycheck to live on. Anyway, this is very interesting as I am just trying to understand your double sided answers. One time you were saying that women were raped in those camps, even in 1915. I thought you must be living from 1915 to today and witnessed all these events! Now you are telling you can’t find or talk to your relatives in the camps. According to you if journalist can’t go to these camps and you could not go or even could not talk to a person how on the earth you are telling things as you have seen, saying that women get raped, no food for people, ……….. It is sure if you can’t go to a camp today they you can’t see how Sri Lankan rescue groups help your pawns either. If you want to use your speculations and dreams for propaganda to tarnish the image of a powerful regime, I think you should consulate a psychologist. Cause you are voicing your anger differently. Your sympathy is not towrd the innocent tamils who are under hostage of LTTE. Your anger is that you are loosing the war, which made you living a comfortable life in the western world. This is understandable, post-war or loosing power can ill-use your brain, you wanted to see landing to your ELAM state with a new passport, under your new president Prabakaran. Now that dream has shattered. So it is hard for you to accept the loss of terrorism. Per your request about my list of interviewers I have my list and we have to protect confidently of the personal and but don’t; worry those reports have been submitted to the right channel. Remember we don’t function like LTTE. We don't use others right for our gain. Don’t worry about your relatives if they were lucky enough to come to GOSL camps without getting killed by LTTE, they must be having a good life.
  • Ip Country  Shani  , MD, USA   2/27/2009 9:00:18 AM  
    • I have collected some thoughts from some other articles, How History will remember Prabakaran 1)The only Tamil leader who had killed more Tamils than all the other forces (Indian and Sri Lankan) 2)The only Tamil leader who has brought death, destruction and disgrace to the Tamils on an unprecedented scale. (Thanks to him the Tamils are known the world over as ruthless terrorists than as decent human beings.) 3)He is the only Tamil sole representative creating Tamil violence to its wild extreme and failed to achieve his political goals. 4)He is the only leader who was to shoot his own unarmed people in the back when they were running away to safe havens which he could not provide to the Tamils throughout his career. 5)Who is scared and hid without fighting face to face with the most POWERFUL SOLDIERS in the world!
  • Ip Country  Innocent tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/27/2009 12:46:04 PM  
  • Ip Country  Innocent tamil , Sri Lanka Colombo   2/27/2009 1:26:21 PM  
    • Shani I'm not against Sinhalese since I have so many friends. But I don't agree with what government says is true and what they have done to me is rediculus. You know what still I can talk to the relatives who are in Mullaithivu but I couldn't talk to the people in the open prison no no welfare camp. "I think you should consulate a psychologist. Cause you are voicing your anger differently." I think you are getting anger becasue your hide and seek propaganda is failing. Another reporter(Vidyadaran) is abducted see. Thanks for reminding us the Ealam again( is teh ultimate solution for the piece in lanka). Last piece talks tamils didn't demand for Eelam They proposed for the state within lanka which should has the meaningful power. But still you are trying to make us to get the Eelam. thanks very much
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/27/2009 2:34:42 PM  
    • Hey Innocent Tamil, Sorry to hear some of your relatives are still missing. Hopefully you will be able to find them soon and that they were not hurt by LTTE. Now only we are talking! What a change! At least you agree not to tell things with out witnessing. Let's get to the base of the issue, Tell me what is the Rational behind thinking that People should own a piece of land?" I can understand law of a Kid's they think a toy is belong to them, but not to be to shared. So why do you think that Sri Lanka should be divided? When British gave the Island back they did not divide the country. Now why you think that it should be divided? No matter where you live, you get discriminated either you are a majority or minority. Basic Exammple, Lasantha got killed by someone as you said before. But we Lasantha's wife did not ask for the part of the land but you guys are making it as an excuse. Why you are so greedy to get someone's country. Why that part of the brain does not work for you guys? Why is that? Use your energy for good! Educate your fellow friends to give up the ELAM dream, it is dead already! As Obama said, get out form those clouds and revenge, otherwise you will miss so many opportunities! US finally got a colored person for the presidency. Why can't you be like many other prominent Tamils Ex Maharaja, Kadiragama, why you think those people are wrong but Prabakaran is correct. To mind you, we are not doing any hidden propaganda, we are open. We don't have to get someone's sympathy, we are powerful enough to stand by our selves! We are just trying to pass the correct message! Thank you, Chill out and try to understand to face the darn truth though it is hard!
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   2/28/2009 12:29:52 PM  
    • Hi shani i have nothing against Sinhalese but u ppl find it so hard to face reality and accept it i guess it is blady thick up der...for a fact i think u are one racist person or u are just a selected ignorant person who seems to ignore the some important facts...cos 2 days b4 lasantha was killed media was bombed and senior government officials of a national tv was accused of being biased to LTTE by you presidents brother...and b4 this the national tv associate editor was abducted and assaulted but he didn’t make a complaint...if you didn’t know that he was collecting some evidence against the sri lankan government...and u seriously need to read some more news and get urself updated and get ur head out of ur a***...because u seem to just believe wht the thugs who rule this country say...did u know the media are puppets of these thugs and they release wht is exactly been told by the thugs...and all this while before these thugs took over the government media was free to go where ever they want to go and u and i do know that well, a proof of that this issue was not bought b4 by the foreign media... oh and u said they have never been raped by the soldiers yes plssss give me a break here shani...u are telling them to come against the army personal...journalist don’t have security in this country given that he is a Sinhalese also u expect the tamils to come against them the minority come on shani try to face reality...if that poor sister does come up will she live anymore u say British gave freedom to Sri Lanka and u Sinhalese are misusing it thinking it was given for the buddist not hindus...if shani whtever u say is true we treat tamils equally and all bull s*** like that why did this government take all the tamils who lived in Fort Colombo lodges some time back in a bus without telling them where they were going and put them in Jaffna and told them if u don’t have any thing to do in Colombo u tamils belong in Jaffna...and the government said it is security measure...then take any country for instance are they telling there citizens u cant move to other cities this is for security reason and tell them to move to where they moved from wht does that show to us tamils a sense of dignity or something else? So if u government itself tell us we belong there then give it as a state to us or give us the freedo to move anywhere we want in sri lanka and live without being harassed like u Sinhalese ppl live...
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   2/28/2009 12:50:30 PM  
    • Oh and u said genocide just came up now i take it u actually live in US and not putting for the fun of it...u know it ur self Bruce Fein, a former US deputy assistant attorney general in the Reagan Administration has filed a 12 count of genocide case against gothabaye and the army commander...u Sinhalese ppl come up with that excuse oh u tamils have filed a bull s*** shani wht do u have to say for this? Now tell me this is all bull s*** we treat tamils as our blood brothers and sisters some times better than how we have been treated...and we are not fighting for some1 elses land the british has not given this land to Sinhalese so we tamils are fighting for our rights in this country as u ppl have...oh i am sorry u said if the tamils have escaped from the LTTE u are in good hands...u know wht u government have thought we need this country for only Sinhalese and not for tamils so we will tell the tamils we will designate safety zones then the tamils will gather together so it is easier to wipe them from this country rather than wasting lots of ammunition...shani u could tell this to a person who has no clue wht is happening in sir lanka he might believe u cos he has no choice... this is the same technique wht the government is using they don’t let the media enter the war zones even if they want to go and make a exact report abt wht is happening in that the government can tell any crap under the sun and get away with it...if they are actually doing wht they are doing for the tamils why don’t they give full access to the media so they could find it for themselves and report rather than u thugs telling wht is happening behind the scene...and do u know lots of places don’t have medicine to treat the patients...and there were more than 30 tamils were abducted so wht has the government done oh sorry and all this happened when the thugs took over the government why u going to say shani we are still investigating my question there are so many checkpoints how did they get passed all that were they invisible for the checkpoint ppl...
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   2/28/2009 1:19:31 PM  
    • I am not blaming u cos u were a from a Sinhala background u would think the way u are treated in this country u think every1 is treated the same and the tamils are making a big fuss...if u for only 1 day be a tamil and live in this country then u would know how they are treated...and shani u have quoted in ur comment “Why you are so greedy to get someone's country” so u itself openly accepted it belong to u is in ur blood that this country belongs to u and not for the tamils...for once shani leave ur attitude one side and think for urself and compare how u and a typical tamil would live his life in Colombo or sri lanka...i am sure no one is coning GOSL it is the other way around..
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 8:45:16 PM  
    • Hey Both Innocent Tamil and Tamilan London, I don't know why you two are labeling me as Sinhala all the time. Man, there is a quantum difference between power of information and persuasion of Information. You are just trying to be a information factory, jsut telling things out of your motuh! You guys are just writing left to right with out any clue, one day you are a Tamil, one day you are Muslim, one day you are Lasanth's buddy! As I have already told, I am a descendant of both Tamil and Sinhala, My mother was Tamil and never got good sex from a Tamil guy so she married a Sinhala guy! Get the message, that is why I am 100% confident those girls never got raped, you two tamil guys could not make these girls happy. at least be happy that Army soldiers (if u claim that they raped those girls) did something that you could not do! So that is why those girls had good sex and you two are jealous! History says that so many South Indain queens came to Sri Lanka to get sex by our sinhala men! Enough of preaching men, learn how to treat a woman, that is where humanity start. Why don't you ask a peace of England then?? I am glad that we don't need ignorant people like you. Please try to be like Maharaja and Kadiragama
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 9:34:35 PM  
    • Tamilian London See this to prove that you guys are good in speculating and dreaming of things. In the my question, all I asked was why greedy for "someone's " country???? Why you wore the hat thinking I meant by it belonging to Sinhalese? Don't dwel on the failures that is why your Leader is hiding today without eating the capsule! Okay all your excuses for LTTE is that you were discriminated, then what about this--> When LTTE was controlling the little piece of North and East for last years, there were no other nationilities was there for you to get discriminated, so you could have built at least that area better without any problem, aren't you shame that the infrastructure you built in north and east zero. Even people don't have good spectic system, people still "s h i t" on rocks in north east which was under your full controll.. You have faield build anything compare towhat thugs have built all these years irrespective of how many bombs you have targeted to wipe off the majoriy. So your answer for whoever discriminates you is to kill that person? Where did you get this learn from, Islam or Hindu?? Thank god in the other side of the globe that they don't think that way, then today Obama would not have been the president in this country! You are still talking with your guilty. You lost your ELAM Dream, you still able to live on refuge, if you change the subject now. Why don't you apply law of "stupid" and ask for a land in south India, in England, perhaps in USA. No matter Rajapakse is a Thug or anyone, he has done his job for the country!
  • Ip Country  Innocent Tamil , Srilanka Colombo   2/28/2009 10:49:05 PM  
    • Oh wow!!!!! so the Sinhala men are fighting now to get the tamil girls to have.....
      Do you know what is freedom? do you waht is humanitarian? didn't you know Why all the western countries are punishing for the raping, even though they are trying the free sex from their teen ages.
      Finally u prooved that all your feelings are about sex.... ha ha ah
      I feel sorry about your mom for that she gave a birth to a B**** who doesn't know the difference between the Love and Lust
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 10:52:54 PM  
    • LTTE Supporters, I will worship street dogs over you! Shame on you, after even being lairs you are bunch of people who should not even been responded. I don't event want to debate with you guys on this matter as we have some sort of integrity and decency. I just heard that even the rice that was sent there was used to build bunkers when the poor Tamil people were waiting for their food. IS THIS YOUR ELAM DREAM AND THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DEBATING TO SAVE the GREATEST SCUM ON THE EARTH, PRABAKARAN and throw mud on others !!! I think debating won't do any good to the innocent people who are kept as a human shield (a war crime) in Mullathivu. If you are a true SRI LANKANas you claimed, I sincerely draw your attention to request the Tamil diaspora to help the innocent Tamils by giving funds for the welfare of the Tamils but not to collect money to buy arms to kill the innocent people in Sri Lanka. SRI LANKA IS ALREADY WON! ??????!
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 11:03:24 PM  
    • PRABAKARAN IS 1)The only Tamil leader who had killed more Tamils than all the other forces (Indian and Sri Lankan) ********************************************** 2)The only Tamil leader who has brought death, destruction and disgrace to the Tamils on an unprecedented scale. (Thanks to him the Tamils are known the world over as ruthless terrorists than as decent human beings.) *************************** 3)He is the only Tamil sole representative creating Tamil violence to its wild extreme and failed to achieve his political goals. 4)He is the only leader who was to shoot his own unarmed people in the back when they were running away to safe havens which he could not provide to the Tamils throughout his career. 5)Who is scared and hid without fighting face to face with the most POWERFUL SOLDIERS in the world!
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 11:04:42 PM  
    • H.E. Mr. Yukio Takasu, Ambassador of Japan and President of the Security Council - It was acknowledged that Government of Sri Lanka is taking a lot of precautions to minimize casualties. A strong focus should be on Tamil Tigers as they are not allowing civilians to go to safety, freely in Government controlled areas. There were reports that the LTTE has attacked and killed their own people trying to free themselves and go to government areas including a report about child suicide bombers being sent. They are also putting obstacles in the way of supplies and evacuations. Tigers should lay down arms to bring this conflict to an end. LTTE military actions in the safe zone should stop. The Government has given assurances that 80 percent of the IDPs will go back within the shortest possible time and that strategy of the Government makes sense. We appreciate Government's openness in providing information.
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 11:14:03 PM  
    • CURATOR OF WEBSITE AND THE INVENTOR OF THIS DIALOG!! KEEP YOUR EFFORTS UP, GO BACK TO THE VERY INITIAL MESSAGE BY SUSANTHA "While the Pro-Eelamists had the numbers, WE HAD THE MESSAGE!!" YES ALL OUR EFFORTS ON INNOCENT TAMILS HAVE COME TURE Mr. Le Luong Minh, Ambassador of Viet Nam said It is a legitimate Government fighting a terrorist group. Mr. Thomas Mayr-Harting, Ambassador of Austria "The Security Force activity in Sri Lanka is against terrorist organization conducted by an elected Government. However, international humanitarian law must be respected by both sides. The Sri Lanka delegation briefed the Council Members at a meeting held at the Mission of Japan in New York where Mr. Akashi too provided information and it outlined action being taken regarding humanitarian matters." Sir John Sawers., Ambassador of UK "LTTE is a terrorist organization proscribed by many countries including the UK. They are cornered and under pressure and the solution to the current situation is the LTTE laying down arms and allowing civilians to freely move and for political process begin. "We have received an interesting briefing from Sir John Holmes. The IDP situation in transit camps are not as concerning as once feared. The problem is those trapped by the LTTE. UN Secretary General and his team can continue to remain engaged in this humanitarian situation and assist the process. The United Kingdom was in favour of receiving a briefing on Sri Lanka humanitarian aspect but the UK has a clear position that Sri Lanka is not on the agenda of the Security Council and it is not that kind of situation and the briefing was therefore received informally under other matters."
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   2/28/2009 11:18:08 PM  
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/1/2009 1:03:51 PM  
    • Hi Shani my sincere apologies if i have misinterpreted wht i have to say...i didn’t mean to stress that u were a Sinhalese and u c shani is a Sinhalese name so that gave me a wrong impression my apology...or why couldn’t it be the other way around only our Tamil sisters can give wht a man need that is why ur dad wanted a tamil gal...ask ur dad if Sinhala ppl don’t know how to satisfy a in that case u must be a good *#!%^ compared to the Sinhala gals... and u shani u are good at covering the *#!%^ wht the army has left by saying if the tamil sisters have been raped by saying the army has given we tamils could have not given that shows even if u are not a full Sinhala how u have been bought up...and can u do me a favour ask u mom if she did legally have u or were u born cos ur mom was raped and ask her how is was when a Sinhalese person sex was compared to a tamil guy she would probably say tamils are the best cos other wise a person like u would not have been born and i know why ur dad married a tamil gal to get a green card in states so as u say pray prabakaran for wht he is done for ur family.. and another think don’t think u can be nasty i can be 100 times nastier so don’t even bother going there...
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/1/2009 1:09:56 PM  
    • And u shani u are telling that LTTE is using human as a shield...will take it as wht u say they are terrorist and u also accepted it and u said lots of coutries have don’t that too labelled LTTE as a terrorist...but is government another terrorist or is the air force radar got a virus or something to show the hospitals and safe zones as there targets to bomb CAN U ANSWER THAT QUESTION PLS...i will tell u again all this wht the government showed the UN is all wht they waned UN to see and not UN wanted to see cos they refused saying security measure plssssss...if they are fighting under the international fighting law why cant they let the foreign media get full access...dont blame the LTTE for using civilians as human shield...AND WHT ABT THE GENOCIDE CASE AGAINST THE LEADERS OF THIS COUNTY IN USA AS NEVER HAPPENED IN ANY COUNTRY SO WHT DO U CALL THE LEADERS OF SRI LANKA SHANI?
  • Ip Country  darshana , md   3/2/2009 1:37:45 AM  
    • great job susantha,
      atleast you are trying to explain these politicaly blinded and brainwashed people whose chasing ealam
      miracle.we donot have any problems with tamils,muslims or any other people.we love peace,
      harmoney and tranquility.but whoever is supporting l.t.t.e ,understand they can get peace and piece of srilanka by war and violance.let me remind you something ,na matter what srilanka is under one flag we will do anything to srilanka protect from terrorists.

  • Ip Country  darshana , md   3/2/2009 1:51:38 AM  
    • great job susantha
      at least explaining these politicaly blinded and
      brainwashed people that sinhalese people are not
      killing tamil people.we love peace, harmoney and tranquility.let me remind to all these people casing after seperate land in pearl of indian ocean.srilanka is under one flag and no matter what will do anything to protect our motherland
      from this bloodthirst terrorist.
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   3/2/2009 8:20:13 AM  
    • Now the new words in inventors of Terrosim is "GENOCIDE" and " HUMANITATRAIN GODS", HA HA biggest joke in 20th century.
      A very close friend of ours, Dr. Rajini Thiranagama. She was a prominent human rights activist. She was a founding member of the University Teachers for Human Rights, which to this day continues to report human rights violations by all parties from living in the underground. She was murdered by the LTTE, the Tamil Tigers, in 1989 for speaking out against human rights abuses. She was critical of all the armed groups and the governments and the Indian peacekeeping force. But the Tigers murdered her.

      So where was all these Humanitatrians those days !!!
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD, USA   3/2/2009 9:41:48 AM  
    • All of us evolved from monkey's or apes accodring to the Darwincain Theory of Evolution. Many human beings have evolved from that and made a great improvement. But still some has lost the basic of what monkeys used to have. Monkeys did not ask for each tree that they climbed !! I am sure at least every indivual has little brain to relalize what is going on and where they are belong to without other's telling.

      The LTTE supporters think that, coming to some one's website and thorw S H I T with out any invitaton will do what they want. The next aim of LTTE's supporters and internatioanl diaspora to raise their concern with U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton about US drones that have killed not only wanted Al-Qaeda militants but also many civilians. After that they are to advice to big-power India which is facing worse humanitarian problems in several of her states – most notably Kashmir. LTTE can survive from above long term plan.

      But our brave SL government and three forces are just doing their JOB to keep the Country vigilant as ever. We are proud to raise Sri Lankan FLAG in anywhere without any Guilt for that no matter even in front of White House!!! At least we were ethical enough not the raise a FALG which was banned by US.
      From USA side more to COME, We are there for you Sri Lanka, no matter where we are!
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/2/2009 11:52:40 AM  
    • wht a shame for the sinhalese ppl...they tried there best to show us tamils that the sinhalese ppl also can get together and prove something was suck a failure...that shows u ppl are not worth for anything we tamils will support our brothers and sisters...oh u sinhalese ppl in other wester country and states come back to sri lanka and put the flag up that is wht ur governement has given u all ppl and try to rebuild ur country...without hiding ur ass in other country scared of being killed by ur own sinhalese governement for raising ur voice against the mistakes they make...but u ppl trying to prove to tamils u can stick to gether and support something was such a big flop so better luck next time...
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/2/2009 8:38:27 PM  

      It is proven that LTTE , despite its claims and effective propaganda, does not represent the Tamils. What LTTE has done to Tamils??? LTTE has killed more tamils than GOSL!
      LTTE never gave people freedom to Vote or freedom of speech. If it were to an intelect tamil who went against LTTE he was blown. Prabakaran did not have a national goal for innocent Tamils in North. Sent innocent tamil people to their death. Train them for death, preferably from childhood, and have long murdered any moderate or nonviolent Tamil politician in the country. There is so many ways to cut a rabit, so isn't this another way of genociding Tamils by LTTE and it's supporters.
      Matter of fact some journalist who has only short term memrory and bought by LTTE is trying to change the wind. Nice Try!!!

      Even now they are using "HUMAN RIGHTS" to kill innocent Tamils. Without telling Prabaakran to release their so called brothers and sisters, trying to save Prabakaran to get the war so Prabakaran can can kill more Tamils!
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/3/2009 12:13:31 PM  
    • It is true that some ppl just tlk for tlking sake and make any sense...prabakaran has tried something for the tamil sister and brothers but wht has the sl government done to the tamils...if they don’t like a tamil he is arrested under the terrorist act...and if some of u Sinhalese ppl don’t like a tamil citizen make a petition to the police that he is a terrorist and get him arrested...yes give equal rights to the tamils in Colombo and let the tamil family happily live in Colombo and we will know that ltte is not doing something to the tamil brothers and sisters...but don’t tell the tamil ppl to come and live in Colombo and then later get them in a bus and to Jaffna and tell them u don’t have any work in Colombo so u all belong in wht does that imply by the government that tamils belong there in give us that as a doesn’t make a big difference does india they have several states and they are living happily and plenty more countries...but or give us equal rights in the whole country...different states in the same country is not the first in the world it has been done b4 and it is a much better solution anyway...
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/4/2009 5:19:06 PM  
    • Perhaps, it is better than stealing and genocidal of the Majority! Why trying to be like other people, why trying to be like India and have other states. May be trying to be like others as themselves they don't have any confidence! May be it is time to Come up with a rocket to take all LTTE and it's supporters to PLato and get or build so many states you want. Why not create ELAM from scratch! I am sure this is the best exit for LTTE before going to hell :)) Why trying to be like India, that is the only low skills of people who don't have brain. If you want to be like india, go to India why Sri Lanka? Also, I am glad that some journalist who was paid by LTTE are dead today, if they were to alive that they could not have been happy as their dream is not coming true.Those journalists who wrote for the sake of writing provided funds to LTTE by showing the pathetic looking sights in the war area without balance! They did all the evil in the name of "Human Rights".
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/5/2009 9:10:05 AM  
    • why do u sinhalese ppl say stuff which doesnt make any sense...i am pretty sure u ppl know wht u saying dont make sense but u all say it to make u ppl on the right side...wht a pity to say that the journalist ppl who have been killed have been supporting the LTTE and they deserve it...u ppl cannot be corrected cos u have been bought up to hate tamils no matter wht happenes...and wht a shame u dont like the tamil ppl but ur sinhalese governement needs our tamil ppl money to run the governement...rather than doing that u sinhalese ppl can send ur mom to go sleep with us and make money out of that and run ur governement...niro i know truth hurts but hey u are not in a fantasy world this is reality and face it u got no other option...and u sinhalese ppl dont like other ppl showing hands at u when u are at the wrong and that is why all this poor journalist have been killed and then when the ppl ask why they have been killed lets put the blame on LTTE these journalist were supporting the LTTE...there is nothing wrong in looking at india cos we are not good at all so it is always better to look at a country which is doing better than us in all aspects and try to be become like a country like india...
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/5/2009 9:42:48 PM  
    • Why some People think only what they tell make some sense and what others tell does not make sense. What is the rational behind this. If someone goes infront of a jury with this attitude I am sure they will ask this person to get some mental help! Here you go , we can see where discrimination starts, LTTE and it's supporters point out what only SINHALA people say is wrong!! It is always sinhala or sinhala names which some people can't stand. Waht about Tamil leader like Kadiragama told? This is a crippled mind of psychopaths. If India is a better country why don't you go there ask for a separate state for LTTE. No wonder no country would like to accept LTTE supporters. Even animals who don't have a central nervous system will understand it but not LTTE and LTTE supporters. I am sure this site is not a heaven for your illogical ideologies. We have better things in life to do and least save innocent civilians in North!
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/6/2009 4:39:13 PM  
    • "We have better things in life to do and least save innocent civilians in North"..there u go mate now do u know wht u sinhalese are upto for u ppl u dont care abt tamils u just think they shld be wiped off sri another thing is we dont need to go and fight for a piece of land in any other country cos they treat ppl upto a certain extend...and we as tamils have alot of respect in india...but this is where we were from so why shld we live in other country...if we dont get respect and dignity from this country we will fight for it and that is wht LTTE is doing...the least u are doing is trying to save the tamils but the most u sinhalese ppl are trying to do is bomb all the tamils in the north...rite i will leave all the issues and accept with you Niro that LTTE is a terrorist organisation and the supporters shld be shot dead...fair enough then tell me why u governement ppl are not letting any out side country to interfer or monitor the situation?...and once u let them ppl visit but why have u only let them visit the places ur army wanted them to visit?and why did they designate safe zones for the public and then bomb those places?and why are ppl from jaffna i mean civilians allowed to stay in colombo without a reason? i thought the tamils are also citizens of sri lanka(not only jaffna)...plsss dont tell me it is security if it is for security reason then why not give us the different state so we can live there happily and u sinhalese ppl dont have to worry abt security reason...
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/6/2009 9:41:22 PM  
    • You stopped talking and go to Jafna and live with your friends!
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/7/2009 12:57:50 PM  
    • Who is stopping western people going to North. Moderate people who don't have to be physically there are making the correct judgements. US State Department’s assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affair, Richard Bouchers told the media that the Tamil civilians are trapped by LTTE. On another note what about Sir John Holmes, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator already undertook a visit to Sri Lanka and even visited your brothers and sisters. Sri Lanka has already given the permission to Red Corss (ICRC) to evacuate innocent tamils who trapped by LTTE. Then LTTE is against that Why don't you invite other people to go there ?? The game of HIDE AND SEEK is over! Perhaps I think you should go there if you really care!
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   3/8/2009 3:40:16 PM  
    • guess wht the government doesnt have that much money to buy any more ammunition so they have told the redcross to bring to civilinas to a so called safe zone and then bomb that place and kill our brothers and sisters...oh and also the hospitals...u need to update yourself mate with the latest news...and be a it more bias so u would know wht is actually happening in sri lanka..."The International Committee of the Red Cross said a humanitarian crisis was unfolding and described horrific conditions in the conflict zone, sealed off by the government to aid agencies, diplomats and journalists" times online Niro...and u sinhalese F**** know and u are at the fault and u still try to cover it up and then tell us tamils to come and live with u peacefully...if u want to know read news from independent media not the government ones and the LTTE influenses ones to get the actual picture and then come to tlk mate...i know now Niro u will also not reply for anything just like shani cos u sinhalese ppl dont have anything to say...and if u want to know more go to this read how the tamls are suffering cos of u sinhalese racist F******...
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD, USA   3/15/2009 3:28:30 AM  
    • I wonder why some LTTE supporters are worried about their LTTE brothers and sisters who are killing innocent Sri Lankans including their own Tamil people. The false propaganda will not make you win. But they are still preaching. In Sri Lanka a "RACIST ISSUE" does not exist. This is an issue with people who can't join the main stream of a country. Mr. Anandasngaree is not part of majority of Sinhala but he is worried about his own Tamil brothers and sisters. He even addressed a letter to LTTE leader Prabakaran saying "The curse of over three hundred and thirty thousand people belonging to about 81000 families, kept by you under compulsion, will not let you live in peaces and it will follow you and your heirs for many more generations to come."
  • Ip Country  Tamilan , London   5/7/2009 3:57:00 AM  
    • oiy sinhala *#!%^ers...go and see for ur self abt ur government u sinhala *#!%^ers shld be least LTTE is a terrorist organisation so wht do u call the Sri Lanka governement another terrorist if u sinhala *#!%^ers are supporting the terrorist governement then why cant tamils support the LTTE...u say come to the governement they will do good but once the tamils come there they are sexually abused atleast the ltte didnt do that so we praise them so for us LTTE id better than the governement...i hope mahinda is *#!%^ing sexually abused to death with all the ppl who support him...and is this not called racism might be u sinhala *#!%^ers shld read the word up a dictinary then u might think OH yeah this word best descibes wht the *#!%^ing Mahinda is doing for the tamil brothers and sisters..
  • Ip Country  Niro , MD   5/16/2009 2:37:42 PM  
    • Tamilian in London, so called labeled genocidal sri lankans saved innocent tamils and get rid of the leader who killed your own people. So aren't you happy that Praba is no moer there to kill your people? All fabricated lies, satellite pictures were useless. Time to come to the Island and help your own people, if you have come out of your physic disorder. We still help innocent Tamil brothers and sisters.
  • Ip Country  NIro , USA   5/18/2009 5:42:24 AM  
    • At the early hours of 5AM, May 18,2009 in Washington DC. Tamil Civilians in North you are free from genocidal PRABAKARAN! The whole international LTTE supporters used your innocence to keep their dream. Even last minute Prabakaran tried to flee in an ambulance when he shot at you when you were trying flee away! Till this moment SL government, and forces never left you alone! We will be there for you tomorrow too!
  • Ip Country  Shani , MD   5/18/2009 4:59:59 PM  
    • May 18, 2009: Chapter Ends, did not matter how many was at this demonstration, THE TRUTH WON ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The US Department of State early Monday welcomed the fact that the fighting has ended. "We are relieved that the immense loss of life and killing of innocent civilians appears to be over," The department spokesperson Ian Kelly said, adding that this is an opportunity for Sri Lanka to turn the page on its past, and build a Sri Lanka rooted in democracy, tolerance and respect for human rights.
  • Ip Country  tamiltoronto@gomail.cin ,   8/24/2010 9:06:21 AM  
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