Karuna Trust Dictionary Project
A survey done by Karuna Trust reveled that the English standard of the rural children are very poor. English medium classes have been started in most of the rural schools. But due to the following reasons its not that successful.
  1. Lack of teachers to teach in English medium.
  2. Poor parents cannot afford to buy additional books. A good English - Sinhala dictionary alone costs Rs.1200.00.
  3. Parents want to send their children to private tuition classes. But there are no private tuition classes in English medium.
We Karuna Trust thought to help the rural children who study in English medium by giving dictionaries and additional English books and encourage them. We started this programme in June 2008 and by now we have distributed 500 English Sinhala dictionaries to the children who study in English medium. Also with the dictionaries we gave them a well translated "Dhammapada". Herewith we have attached few occasions where we distribute the dictionaries. We thank all those who have given their support to make this project a success.
Presentation of dictionaries Presentation of dictionaries
Presentation of dictionaries Dictionaries
Presentation of dictionaries Presentation of dictionaries
Our target is to distribute 10000 dictionaries in this year. Those who are willing to support this project can do so by sending their donation to Karuna Trust account. The cost of an English Sinhala dictionary is Rs.1200.00 and we get a 15% discount on it. By donating $.10.00, one can make a child's future a success. Also please send the used English story books so that we can distribute among these rural children.
Account details:
Karuna Trust
A/C. No. 711444
Bank of Ceylon
Sri Lanka
No.67, UDA Industrial Estate,
Katuwana Road,
Sri Lanka
Postal code: 10200
Last updated: Saturday, February 14, 2009
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