New Temple in North Texas
Temple premises

Texas Buddhist Meditation Center
11209 Brownfield Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76028
The President, Bhante K Nanda, and Secretary, Bhante K Siri Seevalee, of the Buddhist Vihara in Houston, Texas, have opened the center in a serene area of south Fort Worth, Texas. Mrs. Shani Wijay generously donated for the acquisition and support of this center in memory of her parents. The Sri Lanka, Vietnamese and American community in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas also generously support the new center.
Bhantes Nanda, Siri Seevalee, and Bhante Tawalama Punnaji wish to thank the community for the Puja and luncheon held on October 5, 2008, honoring the new center.
This center will provide Vipassana Meditation classes, Dhamma classes for the children including daily and weekend service.
The official Grand Opening Ceremony and activities at the center are scheduled for early 2009.
Here are some images from the pre-inauguration pooja and luncheon held to welcome the community.
Line-up for pooja Bhante Nanda leading the pooja
Young devotees Pirith Chanting
Pirith Chanting
Monks addressing the gathering Sermon
Bhante Punnaji (left) and Bhante Nanda (right) Bhante Nanda (left) and Bhante Seevali (right)
Bhante Nanda, Bhante Seevali, and Bhante Punnaji
Mal aasana

A pooja and dhana was held on the 4th of January 2009, to bless the community for the New Year.  A large number of devotees from the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex participated in the meritorious event.
Offering of flowers Pirith chanting
Pirith chanting Ven. Nanda addressing the gathering
Blessing the young Blessing
Last updated: Saturday, January 31, 2009
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