Potter's Village, Katupotha
Opening of Potter's Village
Under our development plan to uplift the living standareds of the pottery community in Sri Lanka, we are in process of developing the pottery village at Katupotha in Mihintale.
In stage one of this project we started a clay grinding unit in this village in early 2008. In stage two, we have started distributing potter's wheels operated by electricity so that they can increase their
production.  These machines manufactured by the Industrial Development Board costs rupees forty eight thousand a unit.
Recently we distributed 04 potter's wheels to the most deserving families in this village. A group of Sri Lankans in US sponsored the cost of 03 machines and a lady in Toronto sponsored the other.  We need another 12 electrically operated machines and 16 manually operated machines to the families who do not have electricity, to complete the stage two of this project.
Stage three of this project is to start a training center for the pottery community to train them to manufacture high quality utensils which can be use in gas cookers, water filters and ornamental items.
We hope to complete this project according to the funds that we receive. By donating to this project will help to uplift the social and economic standards of a community of people, disregarded by the so called high cast society.
Clay grinding machines Clay grinding machines
Opening Ceremony Electric potter's wheels
Recepients of the wheels
Last updated: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
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